Why need 3D Perimeter Protection?

Release time:2021-04-30 | Article source:

Conventional perimeter protection system mainly designed to monitor the threats from the ground, but nowadays there are more threats coming from the airspace like drone attack, thus, building a volumetric system which can monitor the threats from both ground and airspace becomes an urgent matter.

Many companies provide perimeter protection solutions only to protect the ground or just sell the anti-drone solution, while only now Multipix brings you a truly 3D volumetric protection dome as a total perimeter protection solution from ground to airspace at the same time.

Multipix all-in-one 3D perimeter protection solution is easy to operate, plug and play, less maintenance cost due to integrated design, command and control AI software to manage all devices from ground to airspace with lifetime software upgrade and 3 years unconditional warranty.

Advantage of Multipix 3D Perimeter Protection Solution:

Ground protection via radar surveillance

· Ground surveillance radar range from 100m to 1KM

· 90 / 180 / 270 / 360 degree full coverage

· 4K 36x PTZ day/night with defog

Airspace defense with Antidrone solution

· auto detect / track / disrupt drone 1km

· 3D radar with altitude

· Passive radar for drone detection

· 360degree endless scanning

· coverage 195 football fields

· 4K 36x optical tracker 1km

· auto disrupt GPS / control / video transmission signals

· auto force drone Back to Home Position or Drop Down

· handheld jammer backup 1km

Customer Benefits:

· all in one 3D perimeter protection solution

· ground / airspace protection all-in-one

· one command and control software manage all devices from ground to airspace

· google map support

· Multipix develop and manufacture all hardware and software

· Multipix is not a system integrator, we are your original sourcing for all of it.

· well design plug and play

· integrated design with less parts to repair

· 3 years unconditional international warranty

· lifetime software upgrade in FREE

· 7x24 online technical support

· cost saving

Together let's build a safer world