A cutting-edge Perimeter Surveillance Solution by Multipix Radar System

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A cutting-edge Perimeter Surveillance Solution by Multipix Radar System

The traditional perimeter security system (physical protection fence, vibration sensors, video etc.) will cause high false alarm rate, unable to accurately detect moving target distance, angle, speed and other information due to bad weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, hail, fog, dust, etc.) or under the influence of complex environment (small animal, weeds, trees so, even the system failure rate).

Today, with Multipixs reliable radar system as well as video analytics all those issues will be solved.


  • Millimeter wave radar

  • Less 0.05m/s detection rate

  • Reduce False Alarm

High Anti-Interference

  • Working under ALL Weather Condition (wind, rain, snow, fog, dust)

Far Detection Range

  • 100m - 300m -500m -800m - 1KM - 5KM

Various Detection Object

  • On the Ground detect Vehicle, Human

  • In the Sky detect Drone

Fast Detection Speed

  • FPGA + ARM for 32 targets detection simultaneously

Seamless Integration with Intelligent Video

  • Video Analytic for subject double confirm

Various Applications

  • Border Surveillance

  • Prison Perimeter Surveillance

  • Base Protection

  • Airport Surveillance

  • Port Surveillance

  • Anti-Drone

Welcome to the Next Generation Of IP Surveillance with Multipix Radar

* Perimeter Protection

* Ground Security

* Anti-Drone Detection


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